Sony has announced Gravity Rush 2 for the PlayStation 4 — the sequel to Gravity Rush, a PlayStation Vita-only title. Not only that, but Sony also unveiled a trailer for the game on Wednesday, which made it stand out as a highlight of the Tokyo Game Show.

The trailer shows off some gorgeous graphics, along with a game that looks different from the myriad of first-person shooters, horror survival games, zombie adventures and fighting games on the market.

The trailer also gives a look at two lead characters, both female, kicking butt and taking names as they soar through the skies and take on bad guys.

Here's how Gravity Rush 2 wins the Tokyo Game Show:

No zombies

It's interesting that so many developers who make games without zombies are actually using that as a selling point. Zombies are so ubiquitous now that games without zombies have become a rarity — something that gamers who are so over zombies want to play. Gravity Rush 2 is not a survival horror adventure, and that's a good thing.

Cool game mechanics

In the trailer, we see the lead characters flying through the air as they explore the city. This alone makes the game worth keeping on the radar. The fighting, too, is nice — putting aside the overdone first-person shooter for something more hands-on and real-time.

Female lead characters

Finally, game developers seem to be grasping the importance of representation — figuring out that they should include more women in games, especially considering how many gamers are women. It's therefore refreshing to see that Gravity Rush 2 features two female lead characters (at least in the trailer).  

Unique art style

The art of Gravity Rush 2 is cel-shaded and animated, which is a breath of fresh air from the overwhelming number of AAA titles that use motion capture to create realistic characters and animation. Gravity Rush 2's graphics depend on artists, rather than actors' performances, and that makes it unique.

Sony also announced that it plans on remastering the first title in the series, Gravity Rush, for PlayStation 4. That remaster will also include all DLC made available for the PlayStation Vita version of the game.

Gravity Rush 2 won't get a release until 2016, but the remastered PlayStation 4 version of Gravity Rush arrives in the PlayStation Store on December 10.

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