A Brooklyn-based health tech startup named Suneris has come up with what may be the next big thing in organic-based healing: a gel made from algae that can stop a cut or wound from bleeding in 10 seconds or less – and only available in the realm of veterinary medicine. 

The gel is the brainchild of Joe Landolina, who took an interest in tissue engineering at the young age of 17 and has been experimenting with it ever since. Now 22 and the CEO of Suneris, Landolina has been putting his biomedical engineering education (he earned a master's degree in the subject at New York University) to good use with Vetigel. That's the name of the serum he designed to invigorate and possibly revolutionize the ways in which doctors respond to overwhelming blood loss in medical emergencies and unforeseen situations, like in the ER or on the operating table – the veterinary operating table, that is. 

The procedure for Vetigel usage is pretty simple: a solution made with Vetigel as its base is loaded into a syringe and dispensed on the site of the open, bleeding wound. It then coagulates, adheres to the tissue and nets the blood cells in question. It stops bleeding without manual pressure and works internally or externally.

As of now, the gel has only been tested on animals – mainly dogs and cats. It has been preordered by around 200 veterinary clinics in total, with plans to distribute the product to thousands more. It can now be bought via the Suneris website for around $150 per kit. It begins shipping in November.

In an interview with Bloomberg Business, a veterinary neurosurgeon named Jason Berg attested to the life-altering nature of the existence of the Vetigel solution. 

"It saves time, and it saves blood loss," testified Berg. "Nothing else halts arterial bleeding."

Via: Bloomberg

Photo: Jukka | Flickr

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