HP, Workday join forces to migrate HR apps


As a client with more than 300,000 users and now a partner as well, Hewlett-Packard stated its intent to help other companies around the world migrate their human resources records to Workday by serving as adviser and manager.

HP will assist in projects aimed at integrating existing personnel information software and data into the cloud-based system with its HP Enterprise Applications Services for Workday.

Like any mass move to a different system, migrating what Workday calls Human Capital Management records and applications is no small undertaking. But HP has stated that the return on investment will be realized in short time after a company uses Workday to unify human resources, payroll and talent management into an unfragmented system in the cloud.

Workday's software-as-a service enables companies to maintain HCM data in a unified system-of-record that can be leveraged securely and remotely and that grants users the ability to access vital information off-campus. In a release on HP's website, the technology company lauds Workday's ability to help companies make decisions faster and improve talent management.

"To maximize its full value, you need the right partner," stated the release from HP. "You need one that can connect Workday HCM to other parts of your technology environment while providing simplicity, agility, speed, and lower costs driven by cloud, security, mobility, and big data capabilities."

HP can help companies interested in migrating to Workday by upgrading legacy HCM systems, assisting them in developing a philosophy on how they want to use cloud services, integrating existing software and data into the cloud and designing a forward-looking model for usage of the system.

HP said it can also help Workday clients develop strategies for mobile usage, analytics modelling and socializing the cloud system.

"Workday helps your organization improve employee engagement, retention, and productivity-improving top- and bottom-line business results," HP's statement read. "Our deep understanding of Workday talent processes and analytics can help unlock the value of your investment."

Workday was founded by Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhusri in 2005, with the philosophical goals of avoiding corporate politics and bureaucracy. The company uses a subscription-based formula to monetize its services and has gained notable clients that include IBM, Accenture and Collaborative Solutions.

Workday's applications are categorized as financial management, business management, expenses, human capital management and big data analytics.

HP won't initially offer assistance with rolling out Workday's financial apps. HP doesn't use the financial apps, but declined to rule out of the possibility of helping others use them.

HP began using Workday in 2012 and started migrating to the cloud-based service in January 2013. It took a little more than a year before HP fully implemented Workday's apps company-wide.

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