The Pooch Selfie Is A Clever Smartphone Accessory Pet Owners Might Want To Get Their Paws On


Nothing can make us smile more than watching adorable puppy videos on YouTube when we're having a bad day. While these little fur balls of joy seem to be camera-ready, we have all been there when we are trying to snap a selfie with our own dogs and they just won't stay still.

Luckily for dog owners, there is a smartphone accessory that is so clever, we are left wondering why we didn't think of it ourselves.

Called the Pooch Selfie, this smartphone accessory is essentially just a tennis ball that is placed on top of a mount that gets attached to your mobile device. The idea is that your canine will keep his eyes on the prize, allowing the user to take a selfie while they are paying attention.

The Pooch Selfie comes with the tennis ball and a custom cell phone attachment that is designed to be compatible with iPhone and Galaxy devices, but the flexible clip can fit onto most smartphones.

If your dog becomes disinterested, the user can take the ball off the mount and give it a squeeze to release a squeaky sound. The accessory can be used by taking a photo with the rear-facing camera to show off your pooch's full body portrait or get in on the action with him or her using the front-racing camera to capture the best dog selfie.

While your Instagram friends might be impressed at how well your dog seems to listen to commands like "sit" and "stay," consumers might have to be careful when using the Pooch Selfie, because even the most well-behaved dogs can become impatient.

While this is a clever little device, we can't help but expect to see that dog lunge toward the ball, slobbering all over your smartphone. However, if you're willing to risk your phone getting chomped as your dog's next chew toy, pet owners will be able to order the dog selfie accessory via Clever Dog Products' Kickstarter campaign.

There is no accompanying app associated with the smartphone accessory, and the company launched the Kickstarter to be able to produce the prototype, which is 3D-printed.

Thus far, Pooch Selfie creator Jason has raised over $1,500 of his $7,000 goal, with less than a month to go. Those who pledge $7 will get a 46 percent early bird special. The Pooch Selfie is estimated to ship December 2015.

Via: Kickstarter

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