Samsung has announced a few important upgrades to the Galaxy S5, which should help push the smartphone forward after a number of critical reviews showed that it didn't extend the flagship device's superiority on the market.

Initially, the upgrades will be released in South Korea and will deliver a new, higher-resolution display as well as increasing the internal speed of the device.

It is part of Samsung's continued efforts to boost its top-selling device and to bring the Galaxy S5 into a more unique position atop the smartphone sector. The moves come after a bit of criticism over the lack of a "wow" factor for the phone began to make the rounds across the media world.

Reports indicate the new Galaxy S5 LTE-A, which has been on the rumor mill for a number of months now, is part of the evolution of the Galaxy and should maintain the device's name as the flagship device, much like how Apple released upgraded versions of its iPhone with the 5C and 5S.

Visually, the phone looks identical to the Galaxy S5 original, with the faux metal and 5.1-inch display, but internally it increases speeds and now boosts its resolution from 1080 p to 2K, which should give better viewing and watching experiences for users.

The new resolution and upgrades should also end the frustration from users over the phone's camera settings, which had been fraught with inconsistencies.

The resulting controversy over the camera, which Samsung had promoted as being superior to Apple's iPhone, had marred the company's public image.

"Samsung is committed to providing the best experience for customers," the company said in a statement after feeling heat over the camera. But it appears the upgraded phone will help to rectify any concerns users may be having over the launch of the LTE phone.

The launch of the LTE version of the phone should help Samsung continue to one-up Apple and deliver a top-quality phone. According to Qualcomm, the new graphics should be equal to the PlayStation 3, giving it a unique functionality for users who do a lot of video viewing from their smartphone device.

Samsung has not said when the new LTE version of the Galaxy S5 will be made available worldwide.

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