Mozilla has released an update to Firefox, Firefox 41, which is available to desktop and Android users of the Internet browser.

One of the most interesting things about the update is that it has built-in instant messaging features, and while this only works for desktop users for now, users on PC, Mac or Linux can all make "Hello" calls.

Hello is powered by WebRTC, meaning that once the likes of Chrome, Opera and Edge support WebRTC, Firefox users will be able to call users of these Internet browsers.

Users of Hello can also see who they're chatting with because of a new option allowing users to set a profile picture. This option is available on the desktop browser. On Android, Firefox users can perform searches from multiple sources like Google and Bing. Not only that, but Bookmark detection has improved, ensuring that users don't save duplicates of bookmarks. Firefox for Android will also now correctly play mp3 files, and there are multiple bug fixes in the new browser.

The latest version of Firefox is currently rolling out, and, depending on the user's settings, it will either be automatically installed or the user will be notified when it becomes available to them.

Via: Engadget

Photo: Mozilla in Europe | Flickr

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