Mozilla is out with a big update for both desktop and Android versions of its browser, which is now Firefox version 41. Aside from a ton of bug fixes on HTML5 and application programming interface (API), the major update also brought a couple of noteworthy features for regular users.

Android users can now also enjoy the browser's dedicated search bar, which gives them the option to quickly change search providers. This feature turns out to be a lot more useful on Android, as it saves time and makes it easier to navigate on touchscreens.

On tablets, users can now close tabs by simply swiping. Another notable improvement on Android is that Firefox now handles Intent URIs properly. Before the update, whenever a user taps on a link that can be opened by a certain app, Firefox will just provide an app link in the address bar, but now the browser will run the correct app.

In terms of login credentials, Mozilla has now allowed users to manually search, copy and paste them when the browser doesn't detect a match. Another user-facing feature is the enhanced bookmark management that doesn't just make using bookmarks easier, but detects duplicate entries as well.

Mozilla also co-developed with Telefonica its in-browser instant messaging service Hello, integrating it into Firefox 41. The WebRTC-powered app is only available on the desktop version for now, but the Android version seems certain to get this feature as well, and Firefox users will be able to chat with Chrome and Opera users when the other browsers begin to support WebRTC too.

Firefox also fixed issues with MP3 files on Android 5.0 Lollipop and higher and various security issues, ensuring a hassle-free experience for any user. The update also includes an improved box-shadow rendering performance.

The full change log includes the developer and HTML5 updates.

The updated Firefox is already out on the Google Play Store too, so both new and existing users now have access to the latest Android version of the browser.

Photo: Johnathan Nightingale | Flickr

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