Garmin has no intention to lay down and die while free navigation services from Google, Apple, Microsoft and Nokia, eat into its business, which could later put the company in bankruptcy. To combat these problems, Garmin is offering a new navigation app called Viago for only $1.99.

Usually, a Garmin navigation app would cost upwards of $50, which is clearly one of the main reasons why consumers chose to go with free apps. This new app, however, is not the same as the $50 Garmin app, as it only provides only a handful of features.

Users who purchase the Viago will have the option to use turn-by-turn navigation, three-day weather forecasts, photo realistic junctions, traffic, proper lane recommendations and the user's current speed limit. Those features are good enough for some users, but for the folks who are looking for offline maps and other advanced mapping features, they are required pay from $5 to $20 to allow Viago to tap into these abilities.

Viago is also the first Garmin app to support Garmin Real Directions. This is a feature that humanizes turn-by-turn directions by utilizing recognizable buildings, landmarks, stop signs and traffic lights. This is something that is not found on the free offerings from Google, Apple, Microsoft and Nokia. However, it is not free, and can be purchased from within the app.

"Garmin Viago offers the best navigation technology available from Garmin, helping drivers to reduce stress and save time on the road," said Joern Watzke, vice president world-wide mobile business at Garmin Wuerzburg GmbH. "The comprehensive feature set goes far beyond simple turn-by-turn directions and assists drivers like no other navigation app."

It is not easy to pull users away from free navigational apps that are more than good enough in many instances. However, Viago in its basic form has enough features to warrant paying the price, especially since the app is currently on sale for $0.99.

Furthermore, Viago has the Garmin name attached to it, a company that has a long history in creating navigation devices ever since they were first available for consumers.

As of now, none of the free navigation apps does their jobs very well, so it wouldn't hurt to consider Viago next time you're planning that crazy road trip in the wilderness.

The app is available right now for both Android and iOS.

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