The fifth season of Once Upon A Time arrives this weekend, and in anticipation of the season premiere, ABC released a new preview of the premiere.

In this episode, we'll see Merida (Amy Manson) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) both chasing after a Will O' the Wisp, which both women apparently need for different reasons.

The clip shows Emma using her dark magic to knock Merida down. This seems an act of desperation — although at this stage, she hasn't fully embraced those dark powers yet. She claims that she actually needs the Will O' the Wisp to get rid of her curse.

Merida in turn claims that she needs the Will O' the Wisp to save her kingdom and offers to fight Emma fairly, without magic, for the right to it.

Entertainment Weekly posted the preview, offering a first look at Merida in action in Season 5 of Once Upon A Time.

ABC previously announced that Merida would become a character on the series this season, putting out a teaser of what she'd look like back in July. How her story plays on the series, though, is still unknown.

In the Season 4 finale of Once Upon A Time, Emma became the new Dark One, with her name written on the dagger that once belonged to Rumpelstiltskin. She then disappeared, swallowed up by dark forces. Morrison indicates that this season will see a dark version of Emma.

"Emma's in a bad place," said Morrison to Access Hollywood. "There's no limit to the bizarre things that she's coming up against and the changes that are within her, because Dark Ones lie and Dark Ones manipulate and Dark Ones hurt people and this is all very different for Emma Swan, so it's going to be very different."

Emma as the Dark One also changes her relationship with the friends and loved ones she's made in Storybrooke.

"We also love the notion that two of the people that she has grown closest to over the years, Regina and Hook, have both battled darkness themselves, and their experiences can inform what she's going through and either help or hinder her," said Once Upon A Time executive producer Adam Horowitz to Yahoo! 

"The whys of their relationship will be revealed, but it's a big part of the first half of this season. It's going to take the 11 episodes to get there."

The Once Upon A Time season premiere airs on ABC on September 27.

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