A circle of stones similar to the Stonehenge is claimed to have been discovered on Mars by a UFO expert, adding a theory that those who built the structure on Earth could have also built it on the red planet.

The alien expert based his claims on a high-resolution image, taken by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) Mars orbiter, which is currently circulating the internet. The image shows a structure of stones dubbed as 'Marshenge'.

YouTube user Mister Enigma claimed to have spotted a formation of large clusters of stones positioned on a circular mound. The arrangement of the stones has formed concentric circles and within the circles, a square pattern is created.

He said that the formation is not an exact match of the Stonehenge, but he found it strange that the area is possibly similar to the structure here on Earth.

Scott C. Waring from UFO Sightings Daily said that he had seen the formation many times on photos. He explained that sometimes the formations included big rocks or even smaller ones, but were only positioned on small hills.

Another internet theorist speculated that the formation might as well have been a burial mound for ancient Martian monarchs, or that it might also have been the foundations of an ancient temple.

However, scientists have explained that the formation may have been a result of natural processes that incidentally occur on Earth.

One explanation is that the cycle of frozen soil can result to deposits churning and separating into particles that can cause boulders or rocks to produce polygons on low slopes.

Experts also believe that the phenomenon of seeing strange things on Mars may likely be caused by pareidolia, a psychological response that considers sights of other everyday items in random occurrences. This reaction is a form of apophenia or a case of seeing patterns and connections in unrelated data, experts say.

Meanwhile, little is known about how the actual Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England was used, but the formation is often associated with supernatural tales and legends. It is also believed to be the meeting place for prehistoric groups of people to observe the sky. Experts have yet to determine the answer.

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