Remember the smartwatch line-up which Vector revealed earlier in March? The Vector Watch is now on sale and starts at $333.

In March this year, we reported that smartwatch maker Vector had unveiled its Vector Watch, which unlike rival offerings, it is compatible with smart phones running iOS, Android and Windows mobile operating systems.

Now, after unveiling limited pre-orders of limited edition versions of the Vector Watch, the smartwatch maker has launched the complete collection which will be shipped on Sept. 30. While the company touted the 30-day battery life as the smartwatch's unique selling point (USP) at launch, there's more to the svelte and classic-looking Vector Watch than meets the eye.

Vector has lived up to its promise of "less gadget, more style," so be warned that the smartwatch does not have a touchscreen and some typical smartwatch features. Apart from being multi-platform compatible, the Vector Watch is also water resistant and can withstand up to 50 meters.

The smartwatch is able to connect to a smartphone through low-energy Bluetooth via an app that is compatible with both Android and iOS. Once the watch is paired and connected, it behaves like a hub for notifications and alerts.

One can check reminders for events, read text messages, news alerts and emails all at the flick of a wrist.

The gesture control will determine what one sees on the screen of the Vector Watch. For example, one gets a text message and the same is notified with a vibration. However, it is only when you raise your wrist that the details of the message will appear on the screen. Dismissing the text is equally easy just by flicking.

With the Vector Watch, one is spoiled for choice as there are 12 models with different styles to suit the users' taste. The smartwatch comes in rectangular, as well as round watch faces. The case is either gold-plated or made from stainless steel. The monochrome watch's face has an LCD display which is always on and based on a low-power OS.

The 30-day battery life offered means that one has to only charge the Vector Watch 12 times a year. Going a month on a single charge is pretty neat even if it means you compromise on not having a step counter, fitness tracker, heart rate monitor or GPS!

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