'Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask' Gets An Unreal Engine Facelift


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is often heralded as the greatest Legend of Zelda game of all time. It's for that reason we've seen so many fan recreations recently, using powerful game engines like Unreal 4 to bring new life to the classic Nintendo title.

But what about Ocarina of Time's twisted brother, Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask? It's definitely the strangest (and most downright disturbing) entry in the franchise, thanks in large part because of Link's screaming as he transforms into new forms using magical masks.

Now one fan has gone and recreated the game's core mechanic in the Unreal Engine, and the results are still just as freaky as you would expect them to be. Redoing the game's mask transformations in a powerful, modern day game engine might even make the mask sequences even more disturbing.

In the video below you can see Link's transformations into Fierce Diety Link as well as the Deku Shrub version of the character. Creator CryZENx uses audio from the game to make it all feel authentic as Link runs and rolls around the environment.

The tech demo features some impressive visuals as well. From the grassy fields to the particle effects coming of Fierce Diety Link's two-handed sword, CryZENx has done a fantastic job recreating this particular Zelda title, even if the environment isn't pulled straight from the game. CryZENx says it took them about two weeks to complete this project.

Majora's Mask has dozens of masks for Link to find, so perhaps CryZENx will expand the demo to include all of the game's various forms for Link. If hearing Link's tormented screams is too much for you, you can always check out some of these amazing Ocarina of Time recreations.

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