Motorola, a telecommunications company based in Chicago, is a recognized maker of smartphones. The company has just entered the smart wearable industry with its introduction of Moto 360, a smartwatch.

With the success of the first-generation Moto 360, a sizable following anticipated the release of the second gen, which was unveiled last Sept. 2. The device went on sale on Sept. 16 but preorders were already available since the launch date. However, delay with the delivery has caused an uproar inside the Moto 360 community.

Bladder61, member of the XDA online community, posted his concerns regarding the delay of his preordered second-generation Moto 360.

"I ordered my 360 on September 5th, got an email on Sept. 17 saying my watch was being built and then this evening received an email from Motorola saying they were having issues," wrote the aggrieved consumer. "Hopefully they will expedite fixing these issues."

In an email signed by Bjorn Kilburn, Motorola Mobility, LLC vice president for e-commerce, the executive apologized for the inconvenience brought about by the delayed delivery of the customized Motorola device. He also cited technical difficulties regarding the ordering and shipping system. The email stated that it will be followed up with an estimate on when the device should arrive.

Others that did not preorder the watch and bought it from Motorola after the device went on sale are also experiencing the delays. The exact days of the device's estimated arrival varies from one customer to the next. Some are quoted with a two-week arrival period. Others have as much as three weeks. Hence, it's quite hard to create an approximation of when the smartwatch arrives since the buyer's location is also a factor.

While some report their devices have already arrived, others claim that according to the email sent to them, their devices still have not left China. Even publications that review Android devices are also complaining about the delay.

"Some users have already received their watches but others (including us) just received an email from Motorola saying that the delivery has been delayed due to technical problems with their ordering and shipping system," writes Android Headlines.

The second-gen Moto 360 is highly anticipated due to the upgraded SoC, a Snapdragon 400 clocked at 1.2 GHz, and more powerful battery pack, a 400mAh compared to last year's 320mAh. The RAM stays the same at 512 MB but some of the more sought-after changes comes with the design - the crown is now angled and the bands are now attached externally.

Prices for the new Moto 360 starts at $300. 

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