Henry Ford Health System has pledged $110 million to establish a cancer center, which is part of the $500 million neighborhood development in Detroit to further city growth and development.

The 144,000 square-foot center is meant to be a one-stop facility where cancer patients can find all the therapies and other treatments they'll possibly need, said Dr. John Popovich Jr, president and CEO of the Henry Ford Hospital. The center is set to open on 2018.

"What we're really excited about is the opportunity to create a facility that really is able to fully integrate cancer care as well as support the emotional travails that many cancer patients go through," Popovich said.

The company's latest project was to be specialized for cancer patients because cancer patients and demands for cancer care are growing. The medical care company states getting 5,500 patients annually based on reports from their four hospitals and four clinics.

The center's features and services will include expanded concierge services, nurse navigators, fitness and nutrition planning, cooking classes, on-site exercise areas like exercise bikes in chemotherapy infusion areas and yoga, alternative medicine programs as well as lounges with computer access.

Popovich said that the center will be equipped with the right technology needed to care for the physical, mental and emotional needs of cancer patients while offering them as much flexibility as possible for their care plans.

"We're creating a world-class cancer facility supporting the expertise of the Henry Ford Medical Group in the care of cancer patients." Popovich said. 

This newest project will serve as the center for Henry Ford's cancer care among its hospitals and clinics to ensure that patients get access to the best cancer care the company has to offer wherever they may be.

The cancer in the U.S. is predicted to rise by 20 percent within the next 10 years, and possibly twice as much within the next 20. In Detroit, cancer incidence is predicted to go up by 8 to 20 percent within the next five years.

Aside from health benefits, Mayor Mike Duggan of Detroit expressed his excitement about what the new center could do to help the economic state of the community. 

"It's not only paved the way for new development in the city, but eliminated blight by demolishing 100 vacant structures throughout the 300 acre neighborhood," Duggan explained

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