Google Chromecast just got better.

On Tuesday, Sept. 29, live from its Google Nexus event, the tech company announced that Chromecast will let users pick smartphone apps to be played on television through Chromecast.

That being said, Showtime was announced as one of the new apps that currently works with Chromecast, with Sling TV coming in the next few weeks and sports apps from the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League all to follow.

Chromecast will also let users carry out tasks on their phones while their television streams content. So, despite smartphones being able to be used as a remote control for Chromecast, they will still be free to carry out any tasks. As an example, Google flashed to a screen, in which a smartphone was busy browsing through football scores, while the live game was on the TV.

Google also promised that the pace of apps being introduced to Chromecast will only be accelerated from this point onward.

As part of Tuesday's presentation, Google announced that upward of 20 million Chromecasts have been sold to date.

Now including Showtime and soon-to-be Sling TV and a host of sports apps ... that number is only likely to grow from here on out.

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