We don't know much about Google's new Android Wear platform, but the company is not shying away from sharing more with developers and potential customers. At first, Google only shared bits and pieces about what it plans to do, but now the company is opening up, and we can't help but be excited.

In a bid to get developer and customers excited about Android Wear, the company released a new video that highlights a number of features. Since the company's I/O developer conference is just days away, expect a plethora of information and demonstration where Android Wear is concerned.

In the video, a Google employee talked a lot about UI design and how it didn't make sense for Google to compress the regular Android UI to fit on a smart watch display. If that was the case, then the UI would look much like what we've come to expect from the Galaxy Gear devices from Samsung.

The design of Android Wear is all about making things simple. Things a user does on their smartphone should be easier to perform on a smart watch. This is a great move because current smart watch devices give the feeling of still using a smartphone, and that's a shame.

The video showed a few features. One is called Stack, and it designed to keep all notifications in one place. If a user should receive several emails at once, Stack is designed to limit annoyance. For example, instead of getting individual notification for each email, they are placed on the Stack, and the user will only get a single notification.

Another cool feature of Android Wear is called Pages, and it is the complete opposite of Stacks. It allows a single notification to show up on more than one card.

Now, as we said before, Google's aim is to make Android Wear simple to use, which means voice commands is a big part of the equation. Users will have the option to speak into an Android Wear device and command it to perform certain tasks via Google Now.

We expect voice commands to be a huge part of every smart watch device going forward, and those without a compelling and accurate enough voice assistant will simply fail, miserably.

So far, Android Wear is looking solid, and we can't wait to see more at the Google I/O conference.

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