Google, Apple and Samsung facing off as wearables battle looms


The battle for wearable technology appears to be heating up as the top companies aim for market domination through the launching of new health-related technologies that should push the sector forward.

Google, Apple and Samsung have all announced competing health kits that link with wearables, which should help create buzz over the how the general public views the quick-rising wearable sector.

One of those areas where users are likely to need the connectivity of health wearables is with the growing diabetes epidemic across the United States, where some 30 million Americans are affected.

All of the three tech companies have pushed forward on new wearables that link with your smartphone or other wireless device to gauge your blood sugar levels. That should be a huge point of interest for users who want to maintain adequate sugar levels in their body and track those same levels through their wearable devices.

"All the biggies want glucose on their phone," said John Smith, former chief scientific officer of Johnson & Johnson's LifeScan, which makes blood glucose monitoring supplies. "Get it right, and there's an enormous payoff."

While Samsung, Apple and Google have not officially said they are looking to use diabetes as a selling point, reports suggest that the diabetes sector could be among the most important for the wearable industry, with a massive market on the prowl.

In early June, Apple announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that it was pushing out a number of new technologies that focused on the health sector with its HealthKit app. It allows users to track their health status and even get in touch with doctors to understand and learn about what ailments they might be feeling.

Google then followed Apple by announcing its own platform that links wearables to health.

As of press time, none of the big three have responded to Tech Times emails asking for further details. Most analysts and observers believe health care technology is a top need going forward and attention by the biggest technology companies should create more competition and better innovation in the coming months and years.

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