Drones are quickly increasing in popularity, and this holiday season has proven to be a big one for drone sales, with a whopping million new quadcopters set to be sold toward the end of the year.

The increased interest in drones, however, has certainly worried the Federal Aviation Administration, which has had to deal with hundreds of reports of near misses between drones and planes this year alone.

Drones are gaining more exposure and are going down in costs, making them a great gift candidate for the holidays. What this means is that the FAA has its hands full trying to educate people on drone use ahead of the holiday season.

"A lot of people who don't have a pilot background are operating these things in the airspace," said FAA official Rich Swayze at the Airlines for America Commercial Aviation Industry Summit this week.

Part of the action that the FAA is taking includes advising Walmart employees on key safety points associated with drones to pass on to customers who purchase drones. Walmart itself offers a number of drones and other similar devices, and some cost as little as $20.

In addition to instructing Walmart employees, the FAA also launched a video last year called "know before you fly," designed to teach people how to operate the machines without crashing them or, in the worst case scenario, crashing into a plane.

For example, users are instructed to keep their machines below 400 feet and maintain sight at all times. Not only that, but users should keep their drones well away from airports and from crowds at all times.

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