Surface Pro 4 Will Have Ultra-Thin, Almost-Nonexistent Bezels: Rumor


The Surface Pro 3 showed the world how good the full Windows OS can be when equipped on a mobile platform. After getting a taste for the fine thing and seeing the possibilities thereafter, the Surface Pro 4 is now a treat that is highly-anticipated.

Microsoft is yet to confirm the tablet's release for this year. However, rumors of the Surface Pro 4's release later this month are substantiated with insider information leaks. And as the speculated date approaches, more details are being revealed.

According to W4Hub, a publication centered on Microsoft and everything related to it, the upcoming tablet will have a display with a slim, almost-nonexistent bezels, which some liken to the Infinity Display of the Dell's XPS 13 notebook. W4Hub claims that its source was recently allowed to have a hands-on experience with the tablet and review it.

Going with what the source said, "Smart Frame" is what Microsoft decided to call it. Moreover, it was also revealed that the Surface Pro 4 will retain the dimensions of the Surface Pro 3.

Note the that Surface Pro 3 was actually 12.8 inches, with the bezels on both sides taking 0.8 of an inch in total and thus leaving a 12-inch display.

Taking the leaked figures into consideration, a good assumption is that the extra 0.8 inches will provide a proper gripping area since the tablet will have thin bezels. If true, this is akin to what Dell did with the Venue 8000.

Putting things in perspective, the speculation suggests that the Surface Pro 4 can be held horizontally. The good news is that, with the dimensions kept, the keyboard from the Surface Pro 3 can be used with the Surface Pro 4.

Furthermore, if the previous speculations are true, the upcoming Surface version will be fitted with Intel's new Skylake processor, which has better power efficieny than its Broadwell predecessor. An improved stylus is also rumored.

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