Intel has just unveiled its latest processor, Skylake, at IFA. Rumors have been swirling that Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 will be powered by a Skylake processor, and if the device launches next month as many expect, we should find out soon.

Intel's Skylake family of processors was just unveiled, and Intel is touting it as a once-in-a-lifetime revelation. Among the improvements they can potentially bring to a device are a tripled battery life, two and a half times better performance and 30 times better graphics capability for gaming, when compared with an average five-year-old computer. They can also wake up in less than a second, work with your device to offer facial recognition and more.

Kirk Skaugen, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group proclaimed, "6th Gen Intel Core processors deliver some of the most significant advancements in computing that we've ever seen. New 6th Gen Intel Core-based systems are more responsive than ever with enhanced performance, battery life and security. And they can enable amazing new PC experiences like logging into your computer with your face and having a personal assistant respond to your voice. The combination of 6th Gen Intel Core processors, Windows 10 and beautiful new systems from PC manufacturers make this the best time ever to buy a new computer."

A host of new PCs running Skylake were in fact introduced at IFA. One other device, however, rumored to be running the processor in its latest incarnation, is Microsoft's Surface Pro 4.

Several weeks ago, we reported that tech pundits hinted that the Surface Pro 4 would be receiving Skylake via a series of cryptic tweets. Now that the chipset has been officially unveiled, it appears that Skylake would work perfectly in a new version of the Surface Pro.

One of the biggest issues with the Surface Pro 3 has been that it runs hot, and the fan is distractingly loud as a result. Skylake should resolve this problem easily. Another issue with the Surface Pro 3 has been its inability to handle 4K video at 60 Hz, which should also be easily overcome with Skylake onboard.

With the Surface Pro 4 expected to debut next month, it shouldn't be long before we know if the Surface Pro 4 will in fact ship with Intel's Skylake processor.

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