While, Samsung released the Samsung Gear S2 on Oct. 2, LG is still set to drop the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition very soon.

Naturally, tech buffs are on the watch, and of course, they are asking the most important and frequently asked question, which one is better?

Let's discuss what's common and what's different in these two models.


Both models stray from Google's Android Wear, a move that differentiates them from what's already out there. 

The Samsung Gear S2 will sport Samsung's proprietary smartwatch software Tizen, which will pack many features found in Android Wear. We are yet to discover what differentiates the technology, but it will likely sync better with Samsung mobile phones. 

The LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition also runs on Android Wear, and is the first cellular smartwatch to run on the OS. A leap from the typical smartwatch meant to provide basic smartphone access for on-the-go users, Urbane 2nd Edition will contain the phone in itself.

LG is working with United States carriers to create a system where users can have two SIMs with one number, so they can take their watch out instead of their phone and keep the same number.

LG's market research team claims people want this innovation, but this breakthrough technology still has to prove itself in the market. Will this be a beginning of another smartwatch revolution, or will this be an unnecessary and complicated advancement? We are yet to find out.


Closer to Apple, Samsung is also releasing an array of sporty and classic designs for its Gear S2, and just like the latest releases of Huawei and Pebble, Samsung Gear S2 has a round face.

The S2 also features a unique rotating bezel, which in addition to a standard touchscreen, provides a new way to navigate the interface.

From the main clock face, each twist of the bezel lets you scroll horizontally. Notifications sit on the left' widgets, such as app shortcuts, fitness tracking, calendar and music controls, are on the right. The bezel gives a satisfying click with each rotation.

The rotating bezel lets users navigate around the watch without blocking the small screen with their fingers.

As for LG, we hope that the innovation in its OS will compensate for its thicker design. To accommodate the SIM, the smartwatch has to be bigger with a 1.38-inch screen size.

The upcoming LG release is packed only with at least four edgy, sporty and modern designs.


The Samsung wearable pairs with all Android phones that run Android 4.4 or higher and have 1.5GB or more of RAM, though Samsung says it will have more functions, such as mobile payments, when the gadget is sync with a Samsung Galaxy device.

Meanwhile the LG watch is compatible with Android and iOS devices, although you may not need a phone to use it.

Screen and Resolution

The Gear S2's 1.2-inch, 302 ppi AMOLED display looks gorgeous. It's big enough to see what you need to see, but allows the watch to stay relatively small.

With a 1.38-inch P-OLED screen, the LG wearable is slightly wider. It's also denser with a 480-by-480 resolution at 348 ppi. LG has the highest resolution display in a smartwatch to date, a necessity for its cellular smartwatch format.

Other Details

Because users should be able to use the LG Watch Urbane 2 without a phone, the device features a 4G LTE and 3G connection and also comes with built-in GPS.

Urbane will be packed with fitness and activity tracking features like heart rate tracking, workout tips and stress level monitoring. It will run all day and then some on a single charge, thanks to a high capacity 570 mAh battery and a Power Saving Mode.


The Gear S2 comes in two versions, a sportier standard model and a dressier "Classic" version, and they will be priced at $299.99 and $349.99, respectively.

There is no confirmed pricing for the Urbane 2 yet. A high price is expected since it will be the world's first cellular smartwatch.

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