If you know anything at all about No Man's Sky, then you already know it's going to be the biggest game ever made — literally. Hello Games is building an entire universe made up of trillions of solar systems and planets, all of it wide open for players to explore and share.

Studio managing director Sean Murray, who conceived of No Man's Sky and is largely responsible for its existence, appeared on The Late Show recently to show off the latest build of the game and blow Stephen Colbert's mind. Colbert got a tour around five planets of one whole star system, and Murray took the time to name several creatures after the late-night host himself. He later named a planet after Colbert, too.

Watching Murray explain his game is fascinating, because it's as if he's shy about admitting that the stats he gives about No Man's Sky are true. It began as a very humble game idea, but soon grew into an exponential, procedurally generated universe of unprecedented scale. The fact that just ten people have contributed to making No Man's Sky is astounding, once you see it in action.

Colbert is famously a fan of science fiction, so he was keenly interested in everything Murray says, even asking serious science questions that Murray and his team had already considered and incorporated into the game.

Sadly, there's still no release date for No Man's Sky, but we'd guess that it will probably appear sometime in 2016 since it looks to be near completion.

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