Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has been all over the news and social media recently due to the debut of the Tesla Model X last week. Through the social media interactions, Musk was probed by the community and the CEO did not shy away from revealing upcoming Tesla vehicles.

In a Twitter post last Oct. 2, Musk revealed that aside from the reasonably-priced Model 3 sedan, another car, the Model Y, will also be released. However, not a lot of details regarding the Model Y was released aside from the possibility of having the familiar falcon wings doors that are currently the prominent features of the Model X.

The tweet shown is from Google's webcache. Musk deleted it off his Twitter page.

Musk's response to one Twitter user's inquiry also suggests that the Model Y will be the crossover version of Model 3. It is yet to be cleared which of the two will have the falcon wing doors. Pricing, battery capacity and the possible launch date were not revealed. However, there is a big chance that it will be released alongside the Model 3.

The Model 3 is set for a 2017 launch with a forecasted introductory price of $35,000, which is a lot cheaper than the current offering, the Signature Model X, at $132,000. However, the forecasted price can still grow beyond the $35,000 based on how the Model X is released for at least $10,000 more than its expected price.

In another deleted tweet last Friday, Elon Musk disclosed his company's plan to release a more affordable version of the Model X, which will have 70 kWh instead of the standard 90 kWh. Based on the previous pricing scheme of the Model S P85D and Model S 70D, which was introduced at $30,000 less than the P85D, the trimmed down version of the Model X can also be significantly cheaper. Musk noted that the lower-priced model will come in roughly 12 months.

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