The Monopoly: Fallout Collector's Edition board game won't be out until Nov. 10 next month, but Gamestop is already accepting preorders for the fast-dealing property management game inspired by the Fallout Wasteland.

The exclusive Gamestop board will feature properties and tokens that are Vault-Tec approved and the money will also be imprinted with Nuka-Cola bottle caps. Hey, even if you never get to finish an actual Monopoly game, at least you'll have the correct currency already on hand in case civilization as we know it crumbles.

Instead of Park Place, Baltic Avenue or Atlantic City, the Fallout Monopoly board lists properties pulled straight out of all four installments of the video game, like Foggy Bottom Station, the Church of the Children of the Atom and, of course, Vault 111.

In lieu of Community Chests and Chance Decks, this Collector's Edition Monopoly comes with a Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Deck and a You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stack of cards.

The six collectible tokens are mini works of sculptural art on their own. Included are a 10mm pistol, a mini nuke, a Nuka-Cola bottle, the iconic Power Armor Helmet, Bethesda's own Vault Boy and never to be left out – Vault 111.

Gamestop is selling the Fallout Collector's Edition Monopoly board game for $39.99 and you can already preorder your own set online today. According to Gamestop's preorder terms, you won't actually be billed until the shipping is processed in November and this low price is a preorder guarantee.

Check out the official product listing on Gamestop's online shop and grab yourself this collector's edition Monopoly set that is a great addition to any Fallout fan's vault stash.

The game is also listed on Bethesda's official online store at $40 but no preorders are currently being accepted there. Shipping is expected to begin on Dec. 1.

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