Stephen Colbert proves once again as the new host of The Late Show that he is in touch with a new generation of viewers. His featured guest on Sean Murray night's show was Hello Games, developer of the upcoming game No Man's Sky.

Murray played a demo of the visually rich game on a big screen behind Colbert's desk and the comedian talk show host was nothing short of floored by it.

While we agree with Colbert that we also simply cannot wait to try to play No Man's Sky when it is finally released, here are other upcoming games that we can't wait to get our hands on, and we're pretty sure Colbert might get a kick out of some of them too.

Fallout 4

We've been saving up bottle caps for Bethesda's fourth installment of Fallout that is due on Nov. 10. From the rich, post-apocalyptic landscape, to the motion capped dog to model for trusty companion Dogmeat, to the 'blink and you'll miss them' sales for the replica Pip-Boys for smartphones, no details was left out of the world of Fallout 4.

The Last Guardian

A young boy in a mystical land, a magical bond with a mysterious creature, and the beginning of an epic adventure. The Last Guardian won't be released until sometime in 2016, but we're already drooling over the visuals and sneak peaks we've been treated to so far.

Originally developed for PlayStation 3, the game is currently working “under completely new conditions,” according to reports, to be released on PlayStation 4.


Scheduled for a multi-platform release on Nov. 17, Deadpool, the wisecracking, Merc with the Mouth, seems like he could get along with the witty satirical punches and quick comebacks and one-liners that Colbert is known for.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Unlike late night talk show host Conan O'Brien hilariously did in his "Clueless Gamer" debut, we trust that Colbert will handle the sight of Lara Croft in the upcoming installment of Tomb Raider with more poise when it is released in less than 35 days. In this sequel to the 2013 reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, Lara encounters an immortal being and must embark on a quest to find the mythical city of Kitezh and accept her destiny as the Tomb Raider.

Final Fantasy XV

The newest installment of the Final Fantasy franchise could introduce Colbert to the world of Chocobos, Crystals, Ultima Weapons, and good old Cid may make another appearance as well.

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