Movie screenshots on the iMac will soon feel like taking photos with a DSLR. Always ahead of the curve, Apple is jumping in on the 4K trend with the upcoming 21.5-inch iMac by Oct. 13.

Ultra-high definition, also known as 4K, refers to a screen resolution that is four times more detailed than the already perfectly smooth Full HD.

The 4K iMac will retain the design of the recent iMac, so the highlights of the ramp up will be the 4,096 x 2,304 Ultra High-Definition screen and the speedier graphics cards.

The new 4K versions will understandably come in at slightly higher price points than the non-4K variants. Larger quantities of the advanced technology will be available in November.

Although the practical benefits are questionable, almost every new television or laptop sports the feature. Given the colors, lighting and detail clarity of Full HD, it's interesting that people would even ask for more. Nevertheless, 4K grew in popularity this year.

Meanwhile, the new iMac will also be preloaded with OS X El Capitan. The new Mac OS makes routine computer work and tech projects easier and more delightful to do.

El Capitan's smart technology is structured to allow for more efficient space management and convenient notification delivery even while working. It also provides for safe and easy syncing. The innovation makes working in multiple apps faster and more fluid.

El Capitan supports third-party tools that will be available from the Mac App Store and accessible right in the Photos app. Users may employ multiple editing extensions from their favorite developers on a single photo or use a mix of extensions and editing tools built into Photos.

To complement the new desktop, the upgraded Magic Mouse and Bluetooth keyboard that Apple has been working on could also launch next week. The pair of accessories will have a longer battery life. The Magic Mouse will also come with Force Touch.

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