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Apple Rolls Out Meltdown, Spectre Patches For Older macOS Versions

Apple has finally released security patches for macOS Sierra and OS X El Capitan. The updates come after similar patches for High Sierra, the latest version of Apple’s operating system.

Apps/Software January 24, 2018

Apple Issues Urgent Security Update For OS X, Safari: Here Are The Details

Apple recently pushed out OS X Yosemite and El Capitan critical security updates, which fix problems that the company already fixed in its mobile OS. The iPhone manufacturer borrowed security solutions from iOS 9.3.5 for the desktop fix.

Apple September 2, 2016

Apple Fixes FaceTime Vulnerability That Allowed Attackers To Eavesdrop On Targets

Apple has fixed a vulnerability in FaceTime with the release of OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6 and iOS 9.3.3. The bug allowed attackers to maintain an audio connection in what appeared to be an ended FaceTime call.

Apple July 19, 2016

MacBook Pro Owners Report Problems With OS X 10.11.4 Update, Here's How To Downgrade To Earlier OS

One user told Mac Rumors that, after instilling the update, which was release by Apple on March 21, the freezes in his system have been occurring 'about once a week.'

Computers May 13, 2016

Zero-Day Vulnerability Bypasses Apple's Security Features To Compromise OS X And iOS Devices: Update Now

Apple’s OS X and iOS are subject to a zero-day vulnerability exploit that can have horrendous consequences, a SentinelOne researcher has reported. Here's what to do to keep hackers from messing with your Mac and iPhone.

Apps/Software March 28, 2016

Mac Users Report They're Unable To Log In To FaceTime, iMessage After OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan Update

Apple just rolled out the OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan, but it apparently brought login issues to FaceTime and iMessage. Users were quick to bring up the bug on Apple's forums.

Apps/Software March 24, 2016

Fifth OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan Beta Hits The Scene: Live Photos Support In Messages And More

Apple released the fifth beta of OS X 10.11.4, which developers and public beta testers can now begin testing. The release came just a week following the seeding of the fourth beta version.

Apps/Software March 3, 2016

OS X 10.11.3 El Capitan Goes Live In Apple's Mac App Store: Here's What It Brings

The new OS X 10.11.3 is now available at the Mac App Store to all El Capitan users. The latest version is recommended for all users and promises to improve Mac’s stability, compatibility and security.

Apps/Software January 21, 2016

Apple OS Bug Exposes Private Browsing Activity: User's Incognito Porn Content Loads On Screen Hours After

A student at the University of Toronto unveiled a dangerous bug, which compromises the privacy of all Incognito Mode aficionados. The bug simply fills the screen with visual content that you watched previously, even if you closed Google Chrome hours ago.

Apps/Software January 17, 2016

Mac Users Vulnerable To Malware As Gatekeeper Security Hole Not Yet Fixed Four Months After Discovery

Apple has still not provided a comprehensive solution to the Gatekeeper exploit that was first reported in September 2015. Fortunately, the security reseacher that found the bug has released a tool to patch up the problem.

Computers January 16, 2016

Apple May Launch A New Mac Pro With 10 USB 3.0 Ports Soon

Code unearthed in OS X El Capitan reveals Apple may be working on a refreshed version of the Mac Pro. While no specs have yet been revealed, the new workstation could run on Intel’s Xeon processors and a powerful graphics card.

Computers November 3, 2015

Apple Updates iOS 9 And OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 With A Slew Of New Emoji

Apple has released updates for both iOS and OS X, offering a number of bug fixes as well as support for Unicode 7 and 8, which brings a slew of new emoji to the two operating systems.

Apps/Software October 22, 2015

Microsoft's Latest Update For Office 2016 For Mac Still Doesn't Fix El Capitan Crashes, Hints Apple Is At Fault

Microsoft has released new security fixes and stability enhancements for Office 2016 for Mac. Despite the update, the suite continues to crash on Apple's OS X El Capitan.

Apps/Software October 17, 2015

Apple Brings 3D Touch And Split View To Pages, Numbers And Keynote, Takes iWork For iCloud Out Of Beta

Apple has released updates for Pages, Numbers and Keynote on iOS and OS X El Capitan. Apple has likewise taken iWork for iCloud out of beta.

Apps/Software October 15, 2015

The Most Common OS X El Capitan Problems And How To Fix Them

When OS X El Capitan was released, it came with several bugs and glitches here and there. Here are some of the usual problems that other users face and their easy fixes.

Apps/Software October 15, 2015

Apple Will Announce 4K 21.5-Inch iMac On Oct. 13: Report

Apple is preparing to launch a new 4K iMac model next week. The unveiling will possibly be done alongside the introduction of the upgraded Magic Mouse and Bluetooth keyboard.

Computers October 7, 2015

OS X El Capitan Fails To Fix Gatekeeper And Keychain Vulnerabilities Keep Users Exposed To Data Theft

Researchers warned that OS X El Capitan is still exposed to security flaws. In particular, OS X El Capitan still comes with serious vulnerabilities in its Gatekeeper and Keychain features.

Apps/Software October 5, 2015

Upgrading to OS X El Capitan: How To Do A Clean Install

OS X El Capitan takes the legacy of Yosemite's features to a new level. It's easy to enjoy the new OS for Mac: all you need is a compatible computer, 8GB flash drive and directions on how to install.

Apps/Software October 5, 2015

Not Digging OS X El Capitan? Here's How To Downgrade Back To Yosemite

There are two methods to downgrade from Mac OS X El Capitan back to Yosemite. Which method to use depends on whether the user has Time Machine backup of the Mac or not.

Apps/Software October 1, 2015

OS X El Capitan Features Worth Updating For

Apple will be rolling out OS X El Capitan as a free update to all Mac users Wednesday. Here are five new features that should make you want to download the update stat.

Apps/Software September 30, 2015

OS X El Capitan Rolling Out On Sept. 30: What You Need To Know Before Upgrading

OS X El Capitan (version 10.11) is officially ready to start rolling out Wednesday, September 30, arriving as the last update to Apple's operating system. Here's what you need to know before proceeding with the upgrade.

Apps/Software September 30, 2015

Apple Seeds OS X El Capitan Golden Master To Developers, Beta Testers Ahead Of Sept. 30 Public Release Date

Developers and beta testers can now get their hands on the Golden Master version of Apple OS X 10.11 El Capitan a few weeks ahead of its public release on Sept. 30.

Apps/Software September 11, 2015

Apple OS X El Capitan Public Beta 6 Now Available: What To Expect

Apple has started seeding the sixth public beta of OS X El Capitan, which is identical with the eighth beta version released for developers.

Apps/Software September 1, 2015

VMware Outs Fusion 8 And Fusion 8 Pro With Windows 10 Support

VMware launched Fusion 8 and Fusion 8 Pro, which offer full support for Windows 10 (including access to always-on Cortana) and also for OS X El Capitan and the latest models of the Retina Macs.

Apps/Software August 26, 2015

Parallels 11 Brings Cortana To The Mac Well Ahead Of Siri

Parallels' latest feature brings Windows-powered virtual assistant Cortana to the Mac long before Apple's own Siri becomes available on the desktop. With Parallels 11, Mac users will now be able to summon Cortana using the familiar phrase 'Hey Cortana.'

Apps/Software August 19, 2015

Apple iPad Mini 4 Would Likely Have Split View Feature And Better Specs

New files discovered in Apple’s El Capitan beta reveal the iPad mini 4 will finally have support for split view, a feature that multitaskers will certainly find helpful.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 12, 2015

Apple's Latest OS X El Capitan Beta Hints Of Upcoming 4K 21.5-Inch Retina iMac

Apple's latest OS X El Capitan beta suggests that the next 21.5-inch iMac may sport a 4K Retina display. The iMac is expected to be launched in October or November this year.

Computers August 6, 2015

Apple Makes OS X El Capitan And iOS 9 Beta Available For The Public

Apple users can now install the beta versions of OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 for desktop and mobile devices.

Apps/Software July 10, 2015

El Capitan Beta Code Hints Of 4K 21.5-Inch iMac And Apple TV Bluetooth Remote

Apple has recently released the latest OS X El Capitan beta and some intriguing references hint at a couple of new devices. A 4K 21.5-inch iMac seems to be en route, as well as a new Apple TV remote control.

Apps/Software June 26, 2015

WWDC 2015: How Apple's Updated Metal Is Building Better Video Games

Apple is upgrading Metal, its graphics processing technology that drastically boosts performance. With this new tech, developers like Epic Games are building better games than ever before.

Apps/Software June 8, 2015

WWDC 2015: Safari Adds Pinned Sites And Tab Muting

Here are a couple of handy new features that Mac users are sure to appreciate in OS X El Capitan's new version of Safari. Now you can pin and mute tabs.

Computers June 8, 2015

WWDC 2015: Apple Unveils Latest Version of OS X Operating System

Apple's OS X Yosemite was a big step forward, but that was only the beginning: the developer revealed its newest OS — and, more importantly, when you can get your hands on it.

Computers June 8, 2015

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