Blocks, the world's first modular smartwatch, is ready to take the next step toward becoming a reality, kicking off its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign next week.

Modular mobile devices could soon have their own place in the tech world, and not just in a concept state. Google may have delayed its Project Ara modular smartphone, but Blocks is ready to edge closer to production, aiming to arrive as the first modular smartwatch with high customization options.

Blocks needs the public's support to make the transition from concept to reality, and it will go up on Kickstarter next week, on Oct. 13, to make it happen. The company behind this intriguing project pledges its commitment to helping the industry head in the right direction, and highlights the benefits of more customization options with modular devices.

"Modular technology isn't just a fancy name or a quirky concept that we thought up to make headlines. It is a new way of thinking. It changes our relationship with technology," touts a letter from Blocks Wearables.

The company points out how modular technology is not only more sustainable, but it's also a better alternative for both consumers and the environment.

"Modular means less upgrades and more choice."

Truth be told, Blocks has impressive potential. The concept involves a modular smartwatch that sports cross-platform compatibility, working with both Android and iOS, and allows users to choose the options they want and need. Users could opt for extra storage, a more powerful battery, a SIM card, NFC support for mobile payments, biometric trackers, GPS and so on, depending on what they want from their wearable gadget.

In addition to such customization, Blocks promises even more than that. The modules aim to form an open platform design, enabling virtually anyone to make their own modules if the ones already on offer don't suit their tastes. This means that developers and companies could add their own options such as cameras, fingerprint scanners and more, due to the open platform.

"Normally, you have to settle for features the manufacturer decides. Until now. In addition to the modules we're making, developers and companies all over the world are creating modules for you. By opening our platform, you can now choose from an unprecedented range of smartwatch features," explains the company. "Blocks puts the choice back in your hands."

For these promises to materialize, however, Blocks needs to raise the funds it needs to bring this modular smartwatch to market. Interested backers can support the project starting on Oct. 13, when it officially hits Kickstarter, and early birds should also benefit from some neat perks.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the Blocks modular smartwatch from the company's website, or check out the video below to see it in action.

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