The "All-New All-Different" Marvel Comics begins today.

The first titles from Marvel's line-wide relaunch are arriving in stores as these words are being typed. They include Doctor Strange #1, The Amazing Spider-Man #1, Contest of Champions #1, All-New All-Different Avengers #0, the special Marvel Point One issue, and, most significantly, the flagship title of the new Marvel Comics: Invincible Iron Man #1.

With Iron Man now adopted as Marvel's new mascot, its public face (replacing Spider-Man in that capacity, thanks to Tony Stark's popularity at the cinema), his comic book has been placed center target, in the heart of the Marvel Universe. Brian Michael Bendis is writing the new book, and David Marquez is drawing it.

Because we believe everyone deserves a spoiler warning, you should know before you pick up this issue that the last page of Invincible Iron Man #1 has a bombshell of a reveal. What kind of bombshell? Well, it's not quite as big as Spider-Man revealing his secret identity to the world (as he did in 2006's Civil War), but it's big enough to spoil the ending of Secret Wars.

As readers may recall, the final three four issues of Secret Wars have been met with multiple delays, to the point that Secret Wars #6 (of 9) is just releasing today — alongside the aforementioned comics that are set "eight months later" than Secret Wars' conclusion. At last check, #9 wasn't expected until December. Do the math, and it's a given that multiple new Marvel titles can't help but give away key aspects of what's yet to come in Secret Wars.

The final page of Invincible Iron Man relates to the fate of a major player from Secret Wars, and that's pretty much all we can say without giving it away. In general, Tech Times avoids spoilers of this significance, so we're not going to reveal it here. If you simply can't wait to read the issue and see it as intended, there are other places online where you can find it.

So far, the Internet seems to be reacting positively to Bendis and Marquez's work on the issue. However, a case could be made that Marvel should have included a spoiler warning at its beginning.

What do you think?

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