Dell is making a new effort to provide security for businesses. The company created new, more secure computers for business use, and will be offering a number of new secruity solutions.

The hardware portion of Dell's security push is the OptiPlex all-in-one desktops. The company will be offering two versions. The OptiPlex 3030 has a 19.5-inch screen and starts at $799, while the OptiPlex 9030 starts at $899 with a 23-inch display. Both models can be upgraded with a discrete graphics card and touchscreen capability if desired.

The computers have a number of integrated security features. USB ports, one of the most common methods for removing confidential information, can be turned of in the BIOS or blocked with an included port cover. The device also includes a plate to enable businesses to attach the PC directly to the desk. Dell also offers desktop virtualization options for those who would rather store all files and programs on Dell's secure servers and access them through a lightweight computer running ThinOS.

Dell has also partnered with Dropbox to combine the features of Dropbox for Business with Dell Data Protection Cloud Edition. The new service will separate work and personal folders for each user. Work folders are encrypted, and companies can ban users from moving documents from the work folder to the personal one. The work folder can also be wiped remotely by the company's IT department. Encrypted files stored on Dropbox can still be shared with authorized users by sending a direct link. If an unauthorized user attempts to open the link, Dropbox will display a custom message that can provide instructions on how to obtain authorization from the IT department.

"Increasingly, customers request a single, turnkey solution to secure their devices," says Executive Director Brett Hansen in a statement. "Security is no longer solely the concern of large enterprises. Small, medium and midmarket organizations also are placing a significant focus on their cyber security infrastructures."

Dell is also releasing its Hardware Crypto Accelerator, a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 (the highest government standard) certified hard drive encryption that Dell says has no impact on performance. The system will come preinstalled on the new OptiPlex all-in-one desktops, and can be added to older models.

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