The OnePlus invite system seemed like a pretty good idea. It allowed the company to continue passing on its savings to customers by preventing overstock that would cost it money if the flagship phone, OnePlus 2, didn't sell.  

However, those who have been wanting to get their hands on the new smartphone have been impatiently waiting for their turn to finally get their invites. And even if a lucky customer is able to get an invite from someone who already has the OnePlus 2, or win one from a contest or promotion, they would still have to wait around three weeks before their new phone is shipped to them.

Enter Gearbest. The technology deal website has a good stock of OnePlus 2 units and it is taking orders for the phone right now. No need to wait in line for an invite and no shipping fees either for most addresses in the United States. 

The catch is, the phone itself is priced slightly higher than if you purchase it directly from OnePlus. However, considering that you will not have to pay taxes for the new device, it actually comes out almost the same anyway.

Gearbest is selling the OnePlus 2 phone at $415.99. According to the site, shipping within the United States and Canada will take around six to 14 business days through regular shipping, six to eight business days if the EMS option is selected or as quick as three to seven business days if you choose Expedited Shipping. Instead of waiting three long weeks for your OnePlus 2 to arrive, you may be able to get it before the end of next week if you order one today.

Check out Gearbest's official product listing for complete details on the sale and you may be able to beat the invite system queue to get a OnePlus 2 ahead of the crowd. 

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