HP Joins The Dark Side, Unveils Star Wars-Themed Laptop


HP joined the Dark Side, releasing a Star Wars-themed laptop that leans more towards the Sith than the Jedi.

The 15.6-inch laptop features a distressed and textured finish on its cover in black and gray colors, reminiscent of the spaceships of the Galactic Empire. Darth Vader is prominently displayed on the cover as well, with an image of Stormtroopers and the Death Star near the keyboard. The trackpad of the laptop is also outfitted with the targeting system of the X-Wing, and the keyboard features a sinister red backlight.

The laptop also comes with a Star Wars Command Center, where users can choose between thousands of Star Wars wallpapers and screen savers. In addition, Windows notification sounds have all been replaced with sounds heard from the movies.

The words "Galactic Empire" are written on the hinge of the laptop, which will come with matching separate accessories of a neoprene laptop sleeve featuring an image of a Stormtrooper and a wireless mouse. Even the box of the laptop itself is heavily designed, with the outer box featuring images of Darth Vader and the mysterious Kylo Ren and a smaller box inside containing cables and other accessories also featuring an image of Darth Vader. As an added bonus, the foam inserts are shaped as Imperial Starfighters.

HP's Sith-inspired laptop is not just about aesthetics though, as its specifications are also decent. Users can choose between the Intel Core i5 or Core i7 Skylake processors, with options of up to 2TB in hard drive space and 12GB of RAM. The default graphics option is an integrated Intel HD 520, but users can also choose to have the laptop come with the Nvidia GeForce 940M. The screen of the laptop can also be upgraded to a full HD touchscreen.

The starting price of the Star Wars-themed laptop is $699, compared to the nearly identical Pavilion 15t which has a base price of $429.99. Of course, the Pavilion 15t does not look as awesome. The Stormtrooper sleeve and wireless mouse will cost $40 each.

Preorders for HP's Star Wars Special Edition notebook will begin on Oct. 8, with an expected shipping date of Nov. 8.

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