While many Twitter users would like to edit their tweets and correct their typos, the microblogging site may not be offering this option anytime soon.

Facebook users can edit their posts whenever they want, but if you make a typo on Twitter, it's there to stay. The only option is to delete the original post and repost the corrected version, as there's no simple edit function to do the trick.

Not too long ago, Kim Kardashian West said she contacted Twitter to request an edit option, and many hoped that her request would be heard. When Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey replied that it was a "great idea" and that Twitter is always looking for ways to improve its service, users further got their hopes up and took it as a sign that an editing feature was en route.

Such an option is still not available, however, and it seems that editing tweets is not on the horizon just yet.

Speaking with journalist Kara Swisher at the Code/Mobile conference on Wednesday, Oct. 7, Twitter product chief Kevin Weil lowered expectations for an editing feature coming anytime soon.

Editing tweets would apparently be quite challenging and Twitter is concerned about how it could affect the overall experience. The company is reportedly worried that an edited tweet would mess things up for those who retweeted or embedded the original post, as it would seem like they misinterpreted the tweet in question. Tweets are also embedded in various news articles or posts outside the microblogging site, and later edits on Twitter would make things more complicated.

"These are real things that we think through," said Weil, as cited by Re/code.

The executive didn't say that an editing option is definitely out of the question, but it seems that for now, at least, Twitter still has some kinks to iron out on this front. The company could eventually opt for a solution similar to Facebook's, allowing users to edit their posts while also showing an "edit history" so that everyone can see what the original post was, but Twitter doesn't seem keen on the prospect.

Bottom line, if Twitter does decide to offer the ability to edit tweets, it won't likely be anytime soon. Check out the relevant part of the interview in the video below.

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