Following its success with original properties Ninjago and Chima, LEGO is adding a third franchise to its catalog—and this one takes a decidedly more science fiction approach.

LEGO Nexo Knights is set in the medieval Kingdom of Knighton, which happens to exist in a futuristic world. Mashing up these two genres is the name of the game, with robots, a rolling castle called the Fortrex and a group of five knights who've just graduated from Knights Academy. These newly appointed knights have the ability to "download" various "Nexo powers" to their shields, armor and weapons, which they'll need in their quest to stop Jestro (a jester gone evil), his talking Book of Monsters, and an army of Lava Monsters.

The five knights have advanced (but still medieval-style) weaponry, armor and vehicles to help them fight evil, working under the tutelage of the "Great Digital Wizard" named Merlok 2.0. The five knights in question are:
Clay Moorington - the team's heroic leader
Lance Richmond - the Academy's alpha superstar
Aaron Fox - the requisite hipster
Macy Halbert - the requisite "princess who'd rather be a knight"
Axl - a giant

Building sets will launch in January 2015, but they're only the first part of the Nexo Knights experience. Attendees at New York Comic Con (booth #1436) are getting an early look at two of the sets right now, but you can see pictures of them on this page. Prices will range between $9.99 and $99.99.

There's also a 20-episode TV series – appropriately titled LEGO Nexo Knights – being produced, and it is expected to debut this December. LEGO hasn't announced the networks it will air on yet, but it will be available in various markets around the world. Story books can also be expected.

But the most significant part of the Nexo Knights puzzle is the Merlok 2.0 app for mobile devices and tablets. Using the app/game, kids will be able to search and discover over 150 Nexo powers they can download and use in the game to fight Jestro. And by "search and discover," LEGO doesn't mean inside the app.

Nexo powers will be findable in numerous real-world locations, where kids can scan them to collect. Powers will be hidden in physical LEGO sets, on LEGO websites, on LEGO printed products — and in a twist Captain Power would love, straight out of the Nexo Knights TV show. (So it's now a thing that your kids will need your smartphone to scan a code on your television.)

The Merlok 2.0 app will be available for free sometime in late December for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Samsung devices.

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