Amazon is giving away 31 apps worth a total of $100 for free in an offer that only lasts until today.

The apps giveaway isn't a surprising move by Amazon, which is known for offering an app within its app store for free daily. However, the value of this giveaway and the popularity of the apps involved should have every user clamoring to avail of the offer.

The increasing popularity of the Amazon app store is a trend that Amazon wants to keep, and this offer is part of Amazon's strategy.

"Our Free App of the Day program is hugely successful and makes users come back to us. We just want them to continue using our store and that is where bundling of apps is also coming popular," said Parag Gupta, head of the Amazon app store in India. 

Free apps in the offer include Plex, Notepad +, Jump Desktop, EZ Money Manager, Travel Interpreter, Splashtop Remote Desktop HD, Root Explorer, and many more. Games that are also now available for free include Sonic the Hedgehog 2, League of Heroes PremiumRavensworld: Shadowlands, The Room Two, Dungeon Village, Pinball Deluxe Premium, and Card Wars - Adventure Time.

Users of Kindle Fire tablets will be able to directly download the free apps through the Amazon app store. Users of other Android OS devices will also be able to avail of the offer, but the process of obtaining them will be a bit more tedious. Users will first have to check if their Android device is able to access the Amazon app store, after which they would have to follow instructions by Amazon. 

The ease with which Fire OS device owners can obtain the free apps seems to be Amazon's way of enticing customers to preorder the company's upcoming Fire Phone, which is due for its launch next week. 

Android users from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and India can avail of the offer.

The Amazon app store has been active for years, but it was not until May last year when it was released worldwide to customers in 200 countries. 

Gupta said that the Amazon app store now has an active user base that reaches 240 million

"So we have users on our global platform, but purchasing apps using their local credit cards," he said.

Gupta also added that the massive expansion has made the Amazon app store even more lucrative for developers to have their app published in.

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