A dog is a man's best friend and any owner would vouch for the fact that their canine is able to immediately zone-in on their emotions. While pet owners are also able to gauge with time how their dog is feeling, but we sometimes don't get it right.

Not anymore. Meet TailTalk - a sensor which will be mounted on your furry friend's tail and will help track the dog's emotions. The brainchild of DogStar, the device operates by mapping the dog's tail movements.

"The tail is the dog's social interface, like a smile for humans. Understanding the tail means understanding the dog. That's why we created TailTalk!" explains DogStar. "TailTalk is a tiny smart device, placed on the tail, that captures the tail movement, and helps pet parents to better understand their dog's emotions."

The TailTracker from DogStar is basically a small sensor which is flexible, sort of like a band which can be worn around the tail. The device is able to track the emotions and then deliver them to a user's smartphone so that the pet owner is clued in on what is going on in their dog's mind.

The tail monitoring gizmo essentially keeps tracking the tail movements and positions of a dog. The wagging is then translated to emotions which are comprehensible by humans. The mobile app for Android or iOS then lets the owner check out the details of whether their pet is happy or undergoing other emotions.

The TailTalk is designed so that it is robust and able to withstand rough conditions. It is both water- and chew-resistant. The company claims that the product can last for nearly six months and has a replaceable battery.

DogStar also took into consideration the fact that dogs would be wearing the device for a long period and, therefore, it made TailTalk light weight. The wearable also houses a gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer and offers Bluetooth support.

The project is currently raising capital on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. At the time of writing, DogStar's TailTalk had managed to raise $35,861 of its US$100,000 goal in five days. The campaign has another 26 days remaining to reach its target.

Pledging $99 will get one TailTalk when it releases. The company will retail the product for $120, which means you save $21. The product is expected to ship in June 2016.

To contribute for the device and pledge support head to this link.

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