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Let The Dogs Out! Canine Sense Of Smell Demonstrates 97 Percent Accuracy In Cancer Detection

Scientists trained four beagles to identify blood samples from volunteers who have been diagnosed with lung cancer. The study could lead to new non-invasive methods to detect cancer early and improve the survival rate.

Public Health April 9, 2019

Toad The Dog Has A Second Mouth Where Her Ear Should Be

Toad the dog is a unique rescue dog that has a second mouth. She is just one of the dogs with a medical condition being cared for by the Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society.

Feature | Science April 6, 2019

Man Shoots Own Pit Bull To Protect Children In Park

A man decided to shoot his own pit bull after it had attacked another dog. According to the Connecticut police, the man said he feared his dog might attack three children in the park.

Animals December 26, 2018

Ford Introduces High-Tech Dog House With Noise-Canceling Feature

Ford recently revealed a prototype of a dog house, which boasts an elegant and minimalist design and can cancel noises. However, the car manufacturer has yet to announce the official launch of the kennel.

December 18, 2018

Puppy Unearths 13,000-Year-Old Woolly Mammoth Tooth In Family Backyard

The dog named Scout was paying close attention to something that looked like a rock in the backyard. It turned out that the object was part of a tooth of an extinct woolly mammoth.

Animals November 30, 2018

Doggie Smarts Are 'Not Exceptional' According To New Research

Researchers who reviewed existing studies on dog cognition were not impressed. They found that other animals (including domestic animals, social animals, and carnivorans) have proven to be as smart or even smarter than dogs.

Animals October 3, 2018

Police Search For German Shepherd After Man Was Bitten And Could Be At Risk Of Rabies

A man who was bitten by a German shepherd will have to undergo rabies treatment if the dog is not found. Police have released footage of the dog and his owner in hopes of finding them and having the dog tested for rabies.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 2, 2018

Pit Bull Puppy Saves Family From Fire, Tries To Drag Baby Outside By Diaper

The family's pet dog Sasha barked 'like crazy' when fire broke out in the building. The pit bull also attempted to save the baby by dragging her off her bed by diaper.

Animals June 11, 2018

Dog Flu Case On The Rise: Here's How To Keep Your Pet Healthy

Dog flu cases were confirmed in eight southern states in the United States. Here’s a look at what dog owners can do to ensure that their canine friends are safeguarded against the highly contagious disease.

Animals June 10, 2017

Sea Turtle Saved By Dog Returns To Wild After Rehabilitation

Months after treatment, several green sea turtles in the United States have been released back into the wild. Read on to see the story of turtles Newfie and Cisco Kid.

Animals June 28, 2016

Pleistocene Puppy Frozen For 12,400 Years Could Be Cloned Back To Life

Researchers autopsied a Pleistocene puppy frozen for 12,400 years. The body is well-preserved and scientists are looking to clone it back to life.

Animals March 17, 2016

Microsoft's Fetch iPhone App Uses AI To Identify Dog Breeds

Microsoft has launched a new app called Fetch! that allows users to find a dog's breed. The app is currently available for iDevices and on the Web.

Apps/Software February 12, 2016

South Korean Lab Clones UK Couple's Dead Boxer Dog For $100,000

South Korean company Sooam Biotech successfully cloned two puppies from a British couple's deceased pet boxer. The couple flew to South Korea to await the birth of the two puppies for the price of $100,000.

Society December 24, 2015

For Dog Lovers: The TailTalk Can Tell You What Your Dog Is Feeling

A new sensor-oriented wearable for dogs dubbed TailTalk will enable pet owners to know what emotions their pet is feeling. The bracelet-like sensor will be mounted on the dog's tail and will help track the emotions.

Gadgets October 12, 2015

Hands-On With Petzi Treat Cam That Lets Owners Check In On Their Pets From Their Smartphone In Real-Time

The Petzi Treat Cam allows pet owners to check up on their pets and dispense treats right from their smartphone in real-time. Find out my thoughts on this device in this hands-on.

Gadgets August 17, 2015

Pet Owners Claim Marijuana-Based Dog Treats Cure Canines: Time For Dog Medicinal Marijuana?

The calming Treatibles are gaining much popularity among dog lovers in Berkeley because of the effectivity in treating dog ailments. The manufacturer of the hemp-based biscuits says the products do not contain THC, so dogs don’t get high. Vets are skeptic due to the lack of research.

Life July 21, 2015

Dog Thought To Be Source Of Ebola Re-emergence In Liberia Tests Negative For Virus

Liberia is faced with new cases of Ebola after being declared free of the disease in May 2015. The first mortality case of the new outbreak was said to have eaten dog meat prior to his death, but experts confirmed that the dog tested negative for the virus.

Life July 8, 2015

Shar-pei Puppy Undergoes Surgical Facelift To Save Eyesight

An abandoned Shar-pei puppy was found by a dog warden wandering along the streets. When it was brought to an animal rescue facility, the staff knew it needed surgery and so they arranged the appropriate interventions.

Life June 24, 2015

Cops Arrest South Carolina Man For Taping Muzzle Of A Stray Dog

A South Carolina man has been charged with animal abuse for taping the muzzle of a dog for days.

Internet Culture June 3, 2015

Dog's Bark Reveals It's Age And Sex: Here's How

By analyzing how a dog barks in different situations, researchers were able to develop a computer program that can identify the age and gender of the dog. It also can determine the context of the barking.

June 1, 2015

Thousands Of Dollars In Donations Sent In For Dog Found Hanging From Tree

The plight of Sunny, the dog found bound and hanging from a tree in Arizona, has encouraged people to donate for its recovery. Over $20,000 has been sent in donations so far.

Life May 25, 2015

Paris Hilton's Pet Dog Tinkerbell Dies: Here Are Other Cute Celebrity Pets

Paris Hilton's beloved Chihuahua Tinkerbell passed away due to old age, leaving the 34-year-old heart broken. Check out some other cute celebrity pets who will make you gush.

Movies/TV Shows April 23, 2015

Golden Retriever Born Without Eyes Inspires People With Disability

Smiley, a golden retriever who was born without eyes, is not hindered by its disability to cheer people up in nursing homes and hospitals.

Life March 12, 2015

Cancer-Afflicted Pooch Gets Custom-Built Ride From Home Depot Employees

A 15-year-old dog has a new cart to help him walk around, thanks to two employees of Home Depot.

Society March 7, 2015

Blind Labrador Retriever United With Owner After Surviving Two Weeks Of Frigid Alaska Weather

Madera, a blind Labrador, wandered off away from home and was lost for 2 weeks in the Alaskan winter.

Internet Culture March 2, 2015

Ohio K-9 Police Karson Found Safe After Missing Since December

Nearly two months after its disappearance, Wilmington K-9 officer Karson has been found safely. He lost 14 pounds but appeared in good condition.

Society February 23, 2015

Hachiko Waited But This Miniature Schnauzer Walked 20 Blocks From Home To Visit Owner Battling Cancer

Truly man's best friend, this little Schnauzer managed to get herself to the hospital to visit his owner who was recovering from surgery.

Internet Culture February 13, 2015

Fossil Skulls 3D Analysis Suggests Dog Domestication Began 15,000 Years Ago (Not Earlier)

With the aid of 3D technology, researchers learned that the two canid skulls, which were previously believed to be dogs and were used as basis for dating dog domestication during the late Paleolithic era, were wolves.

Animals February 9, 2015

Coast Guard Jumps Into Icy Michigan Waters To Save Struggling Dog [Video]

Coast guards brave the freezing channel between Betsie Lake and Lake Michigan in order to save a Labrador that fell in the water. The dog was safely rescued and is anticipated to make a full recovery.

Society February 5, 2015

Dog Undergoes Surgery After Chomping on Pair of Calf-high Boots

A 4-year old dog had to undergo a surgery after it ate a pair of calf-high boots. Veterinarians said that foreign materials consumed by dogs can obstruct their digestive track, perforate their intestines and even cause death.

Life February 2, 2015

Firefighters Perform Dramatic Aerial Rescue of Dog from Los Angeles River [Video]

A dog was spotted struggling to keep his head above the water in the Los Angeles River.

Society January 31, 2015

Vets Pull Knitting Needle from Heart of Puppy. No Surgery Needed

A young Papillon was brought by its owners to a veterinary hospital on New Year's eve after it fell into a knitting needle that pierced its heart. The dog luckily survived.

Life January 7, 2015

Animal Cruelty? Sarah Palin Draws Flak for Using Dog as Stepping Stone in Facebook Photo

Sarah Palin has posted images on Facebook that she thought was inspirational: photos of her son Trig using the family's pet dog as a stepping stool.

Society January 3, 2015

Neighbor Convicted for Stealing and Euthanizing Cancer Patient's Beloved Dog: 'She Knew What She Did'

A woman from Spring Hill, Pittsburgh took her neighbor's Siberian husky while he was getting treatment for stage 3 cancer and had the dog euthanized. She now faces up to ten years in prison.

Society December 30, 2014

Cute Dog Riding on Roomba Dressed as Santa Claus Is Amazing [Video]

A clip of a dog dressed as Santa Claus riding on a Roomba has taken the Internet by storm. Everyone seems overjoyed while watching this cute little thing while Christmas music plays in the background.

Internet Culture December 27, 2014

Great Dane eats 43 socks for snacks, vet able to save its life

A 140-pound Great Dane was operated after feasting on his owners’ socks. The dog’s X-ray also earned the animal clinic where he was operated a place in a competition.

Life September 4, 2014

GoPro Fetch camera harness lets dog owners document activity of man's best friend (Video)

GoPro helps pet parents view the world from a dog's perspective. GoPro's Fetch harness keeps camera secured to dogs during romps in the mud, frolics in the grass and splashes in the lake.

Wearable Tech August 26, 2014

Wyoming police officer charged with K9 death: Dog was locked in hot car for six hours

A Wyoming police officer has been charged with animal cruelty following the death of his K9 partner after the dog was left in a police patrol car for more than six hours. The Mills police department said the officer is not on active duty, and that it is rethinking its policies regarding its K9 program.

Society August 24, 2014

Research shows that dogs get jealous too: Don't pet a stuffed animal in front of your dog

You might have never noticed, but dogs are capable of jealousy, and this has nothing with them being ignored. Apparently, it has a lot to do with social interaction than anything else.

Animals July 29, 2014

Australia's dingo: Not a wolf, not a dog but a distinct species says study

Scientists from Australia have finally proven that the dingo is a separate species from dogs. Thanks to the new findings, the dingo has finally taken its rightful place as a distinct Australian animal.

Animals April 2, 2014

Dogs and wolves not as closely related as previously thought

New study indicates that dogs and wolves may have had a common ancestor, debunking commonly held beliefs that dogs are descended from wolves.

Animals January 17, 2014

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