Red velvet, icing, Pinterest, vintage and hipster photo filter—these are a few of things that first come to mind upon hearing the word "cupcake."

All that's about to change.

The Cookie Dough Shop has not only jumped into the Halloween pastry bandwagon, it took control and drove the bandwagon into the brink of insanity with this zombie mouth cupcake.

This zombie mouth cupcake looks real enough to be inedible. Otherwise it wouldn't be described by headlines as "disgustingly delicious," "terrifying zombie mouth cupcakes" or "zombie mouth cupcake looks like it might bite you back."

Now that we've established the severity of this cupcake's scare factor (on a scale of one to I-should-have-just-stayed-home, how scared will your Halloween party guests be), it's time to deconstruct it.

The following recipe is provided by SemadarG from Instructables.

The first step is to color the fondant.

You first need to create a standard cupcake with a flavor of your choice.

Color the fondant to make the topper, use a tiny drop of Ivory gel paste food coloring with a small drop of rose for the skin tissue, use a tiny drop of rose with a small drop of red for the gums, and use one drop of Ivory for the teeth.

The second step is to form a base to the cupcake topper.

Roll the skin tissue fondant about 1/8 inches thick. Take a circular cookie cutter a similar size as the cupcake's top surface area to cut out a circle and use this as a basis. Put the base on top of a cup or a bowl to support it and give it a dome-like appearance.

The third step is to make the gums.

From the gum fondant, make two small snakes, carefully flatten them and use a Dresden tool to make the tooth cavities and the dents in between each tooth. Use a wet brush to attach these pre-made gums to the base you made in step two. Make sure they face each other when you place them.

The fourth step is to sculpt the teeth.

Use the ivory fondant pieces to create teeth-shaped items, including the roots. It will usually take an hour to dry the teeth. Once they are solid, place each tooth into its assigned hole in the pre-made gums. Use a wet brush stick to make the root stick to its place.

The fifth step is to shape the skin tissue.

Use the left over skin tissue and roll into a thin piece. Break the piece into tiny segments and carefully shape them over and surrounding the gums to make a torn skin effect. Leave the entire piece to dry before proceeding to the next step.

The sixth and last step is to color the cupcake to achieve that realistic effect.

Make a "wet" finish by mixing red coloring gel with drops of vodka of lemon extract. Make "dry" finish by mixing red coloring gel with a drop of royal blue and adding drops of vodka or lemon extract.

Use a brush to apply the wet finish surrounding the skin tissue in step five. Apply the dry finish surrounding the gums in step three. Add graciously in the places where the gums meet the skin tissue, around the teeth and in the dents to give it a lifelike impression.

Let this dry, then assemble it on top of your cupcake frosting.

Serve and watch your guests freak out!

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