Go Hi-Tech This Halloween With These DIY Costume Videos


Tell me what your Halloween costume is and I'll tell you who you are.

If you want to be known as a techie, or just a really cool person at your Halloween party, Mark Rober is the man for you.

Rober is a former NASA mechanical engineer who quit his job to make the following costumes.

It all started on Halloween in 2011, when Rober used two iPads and placed one on his front and the other on his back, and created the illusion of seeing through his body by linking both iPads through FaceTime.

He posted the video of the said costume on YouTube and it immediately went viral, receiving 1.5 million views in just one day.

"Everything has stemmed from that one decision," Rober explains.

Rober worked for NASA for nine years, seven of which were spent working on the Curiosity Rover.

For the following year, Rober teamed up with a couple of friends and created a free app with accompanying t-shirt designs and a website that sold all the techie Halloween merchandise.

"We spent zero dollars on advertising. We just had a YouTube video and that was it," Rober said. "We did a quarter million dollars in revenue, just in three weeks."

In 2014, Rober's costumes entailed cutting a hole in the t-shirt, and duck taping the device to the t-shirt. This year, however, they've come up with an inside pocket to hold the phone into the shirt.

"You don't need to have as many MacGyver skills this year," he shares.

Also for 2015, Rober has integrated the app into their Morphsuit costume. He currently holds a patent for this design that utilizes the phone's accelerometer to give the illusion that your intestines are being ripped out when someone slaps you on the back.

Rober plans on coming up with more smartphone features to create new costume experiences.

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