Google’s Top Management Gets A Reshuffling: Sundar Pichai Appoints New Head Of Android, Chrome And Chromecast


After the formation of Alphabet in August, Google, along with everything that is directly related to it, got listed as a subsidiary. Due to the reorganization, Sundar Pichai, a former product chief for Android, now sits as Google's CEO.

Pichai replaced Google co-founder Larry Page who currently heads the parent company, Alphabet. Recently, some key personnel were also elevated to positions in Alphabet, thus vacating their spots within Google.

Two months following his promotion, Pichai is now filling up the vacated spots. The 43-year-old CEO promoted Philipp Schindler, Google's former vice president for global sales and operations who has been with the company since 2005, to the position of chief business officer. The position was previously held by Omid Kordestani who left for a spot in Alphabet.

Another promotion came the way of Hiroshi Lockheimer, whom Pichai appointed as the head of Android, Chromecast and Chrome OS. Lockheimer will then be effectively taking over the tasks that were formerly Pichai's. Lockheimer previously served as Android's vice president for engineering and has been with Google since 2006. The engineer has worked closely with Pichai for nine years.

The third promotion was awarded to Neal Mohan, who now sits as a senior vice president for display and video advertising. Prior to joining Google, Mohan was the senior vice president of DoubleClick Advertising, a developer and provider of ad servicing solutions, which Google bought for $3.1 billion back in March 2008.

The new SVP has been noted for his knack in advertising. Aside from the search engine, Mohan will also facilitate the ad business for YouTube, which is directly under Google. According to Android Headlines, Mohan received offers from Twitter and Dropbox; however, his choice to stay with Google has now paid off. There were also reports saying that Google may have given a hefty counteroffer to entice Mohan to stay in the company. 

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