‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Beta Gets One-Day Extension For Additional Tests


There's some good news for those who haven't played Star Wars: Battlefront beta yet and for those who are not yet done playing. EA announced that the video game's beta version will remain open to all until Oct. 13—extended by a day from the previous schedule.

The better news is the full version of the action-packed game will debut on Nov. 17.

The beta is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, so anyone from true blue gamers to hobby enthusiasts may give the game a try and provide feedback to EA.

However, the game maker warns players to look out for extreme scenarios. The game is still in testing mode so glitches such as players getting booted from matches, or worse, entirely disconnected from the game, are still possible, which is honestly one of the realistic downsides of playing beta versions.

"These tests are to help us find some extreme scenarios, and that means some players may experience occasional issues such as being kicked from the game or losing connectivity. This is all being done in the name of shoring up our infrastructure before we launch on November 17th," wrote EA on its blog.

In the trial version, players will be able to experience three modes.

Walker Assault on Hoth

Inspired by the iconic Battle of Hoth, Walker Assault is a game mode focusing on the Empire's mighty AT-AT assault vehicles—also known as Walkers—slowly but steadily moving towards a Rebel base.

Players may join the empire or side with the rebels in a 20-versus-20 game.

Drop Zone on Sullust

Similar to King of the Hill-style experiences, the objective in Drop Zone centers on drop pods crashing through the atmosphere onto the planet surfaces. In tight 8-versus-8 matches, Empire and Rebel teams battle to capture and control these pods. This challenge is sure to put every gamer's strategy and combat skills to the test.

Survival Mission on Tatooine

Survival Mission on Tatooine may be played solo or in teams. Gamers may cooperate or split the screen to hold off waves of Imperial forces including TIE fighters, elite stormtroopers, AT-ATs and more.

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