With just over two weeks until its highly-anticipated October 27 release, WWE 2K16 is pulling out all the stops...including having Arnold Schwarzenegger himself deliver his best pre-order pitch.

"I promised I'll be back and I am back, ready to invade the WWE Universe in WWE 2K16," Schwarzenegger says in a recent WWE 2K clip, promoting the game. "So this message is a warning to all of the WWE Superstars and Legends — John Cena, Triple H, Undertaker, Rock, Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold Steve Austin — and the other 120 WWE Superstars and Legends...you've been warned. Judgment Day is upon you! WWE Universe...enlist now and join me as we take on all of the WWE in WWE 2K16. But only if you pre-order right now."

Pre-ordering the title will unlock and give gamers access to play as The Terminator, who might be the only answer for unstoppable forces such as The Big Show, Undertaker, and Brock — who whether by accident or as a subtle jab to a storyline down the road, the former California governor refers to as "Brooke" in this video.

Schwarzenegger is far from a regular WWE salesman, having been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year.

Just last month, he spoke to IGN about his classic movie characters — like The Terminator — still being able to resonate with people.

"I think the characters connect with people, and I'm so honored they want to see them again," he said. "People love the humor mixed in with the strength. It humanizes the action hero, which I think is so important."   

What would be a dream match for The Terminator?

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