OnePlus better drop that new gadget—because many are revealing the details on its behalf. Here at Tech Times, we have compiled the latest updates on the alluring new OnePlus Mini.

According to the latest rumors—backed by some published photos—the OnePlus Mini is packed with a side touch screen and dual front-facing speakers.

Sounds familiar? It should. The Samsung Galaxy S6 prides itself on introducing side screens, so it looks like the mid-tier phone might be going after Samsung. The side screens on the OnePlus Mini will reportedly allow users to view and command basic apps such as messaging, calls and news without interrupting whatever they are looking at on the main screen. 

As for the dual front-facing speakers, One Plus will be challenging the HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia Z2. Front-facing speakers make sense, especially for those who love music streaming apps. Most smartphone makers place the speakers at the back to make way for bigger screens.