The Irvine Company announced a push to use cleaner energy for its buildings in Irvine, California, essentially becoming the first real estate company to implement hybrid-electric fixtures in the world. The firm works in collaboration with the startup Advanced Microgrid Solutions to carry out this energy plan.

Tesla proves that its energy storage batteries aren't limited to cars, as the developer and startup tandem plans to use Tesla's products for their battery farms. According to the firms, when The Irvine Company's office buildings are fitted with the energy-saving solution, it will significantly reduce the demand for electricity during peak hours up to 25 percent and provide backup power at the event of a grid outage as well as give Southern California Edison about 10 megawatts' worth of spare power. The reserved energy is enough to supply power to approximately 10,000 homes.

"Energy storage is a game-changer. It will allow building owners to participate in grid support and reduce costs while causing no disruption or discomfort to our customers, residents or guests," Rich Bluth, The Irvine Company's vice president of energy management, said.

Advanced Microgrid Solutions intends to install the batteries in 2016 for up to 24 buildings initially, where each one of the battery farms is large enough to take up roughly five parking spaces.

On a yearly basis, this project is estimated to save about $100,000 for two buildings in Irvine, California.

"Instead of burning a fossil fuel plant in the middle of the day when (SoCal) Edison needs the energy, they'll simply give a dispatch order, and Irvine Company buildings will switch to batteries for a period of time," Susan Kennedy, Advanced Microgrid Solutions' CEO, said in a phone interview with ABC7.

In the foreseeable future, Southern California Edison plans to implement batteries equal to 250 megawatts. Also, GTM Research says that approximately 220 megawatts of batteries will be up and running across the United States this year.

Photo: Andy Armstrong | Flickr

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