Microsoft has reportedly begun working on the first major update for Wiindows 10. Codenamed Redstone, this upcoming update is expected to bring plenty of improvements and stability fixes for the latest Windows OS.

A few months earlier, a couple of updates were announced to come soon to Windows 10, particularly Threshold 2, which was originally meant to go official in October but was pushed back to November. Aside from a few performance tweaks here and there, Threshold 2 will come with additional features, such as a variety of extensions for Microsoft's new browser Edge and a universal desktop Messaging app.

Compared to Threshold 2, Redstone will be a bigger update, improving the interface of Windows 10 and resolving a bunch of issues that users faced in the most recent Windows OS. Just like Windows 8's upgrade to Windows 8.1, Redstone is considered to bring the same effect to Windows 10.

In April, talk about Redstone entering the planning stage became widespread, and it seems that Microsoft's programmers have already been developing the upcoming update for weeks now.

Right now, not much is known about what Redstone will exactly deliver to Windows 10 users, as it's still too early. And even though it's a major update, it won't completely overhaul Windows 10.

Also, Build Feed tweeted the early development branches for Redstone, and just like how Threshold 2's builds that start with "TH2_," Redstone builds will start with "RS1_."

Since Windows 10's release in July, the popular OS has been spreading like wildfire, and Microsoft says that it has been installed in over 110 million devices. This means that a lot of users are expecting and keeping tabs on Redstone.

"In just a few short months, it's been incredible to see more than 110 million devices already running Windows 10," Terry Myerson, Microsoft executive vice president, posted on the tech firm's blog.

It seems that Redstone will be released roughly one year after Windows 10 went official, so we can expect it to come sometime before July 2016.

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