Spotify was one of the last streaming content providers that held off on offering support for Google's Chromecast streaming dongle, preferring to focus its energies on its own Spotify Connect instead. However, the lack of compatibility between Chromecast and Spotify, which is arguably one of the reasons why some people have decided not to get the dongle, will soon end for many users who want to stream their music to their non-connected TVs or speakers. Spotify is finally adding support for Chromecast on Monday.

Spotify has begun rolling out an updated version of its iOS and Android apps to add support for Chromecast. However, the updated apps are currently limited to the second-generation Chromecast and its speaker-centric partner Chromecast Audio for now, although Spotify promises to include support for the older Chromecast in the near future to appease early adopters who picked up Google's surprisingly popular $35 dongle.

The update will finally allow users to stream their Spotify music through Chromecast to their TV or Chromecast Audio or to their speakers using Chromecast Audio without having to shell out nearly a hundred bucks for more expensive streaming media players. However, users will need to need to pay for a premium subscription to be able to stream their Spotify music to Chromecast.

The updated apps are now available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The Android version also received a new feature allowing it to connect with the BMW 7 Series infotainment system, allowing users to stream their music directly through their vehicle's connected dashboard.

At its Nexus launch event in September where Google also unveiled its pair of new Chromecasts, the Mountain View company announced that the two devices will come with support for Spotify. However, it took a while for Spotify to revise its apps and incorporate support for Chromecast. With more than 15 million paid Spotify subscribers, the inclusion of support for Chromecast and Chromecast Audio could boost Google's strength in the streaming media player sector as they compete with bigger streaming sets such as the Roku 4 and the second-generation Apple TV.

In the future, Google plans to add support for a multi-room setup as well, where users can stream their music to a network of speakers connected to the Internet via Chromecast, providing them a cheap and viable solution for a home entertainment system.

Photo: Jon Aslund | Flickr

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