Unsurprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will embody some of the iPhone's recent technologies, including 3D Touch.

Last month, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus -- introducing its next big idea: pressure-sensitive display tech. The pressure-sensitive screen discerns between the various kinds of pressure when touching the screen, and takes a unique command for a different level of pressure.

Mobile devices have limited screen spaces so touch sensitivity is promising. First announced by Huawei for its upcoming elite phone, 3D Touch screen was first included in the iPhone 6s.

According to I Ice Universe, a Weibo user known for accurately foretelling future events in the mobile world, Samsung has tapped Synaptics to use its ClearForce technology to achieve the future Samsung screen. I Ice Universe previously leaked benchmarks for Qualcomm processors in prototypes of Samsung's next handsets, and information about an Apple processor that will come packed with up to six cores.

Meanwhile, on a separate feed from Vietnam, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will come with an edge screen design. In the past, Samsung released S6 with flat screen and edge screen versions — perhaps thinking some people cannot adapt to the Edge screen innovation.

Other Possibilities

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is IP67 -- it's waterproof and dust-proof. S6 is not waterproof — but it has back-and-front Gorilla Glass — making it scratch resistant on both sides. The material in S6's side metal design is the same material used in ships and aircrafts, so don't be surprised by YouTube videos showing a man hammering the S6. (Please don't try this at home.)

We can start guessing if Galaxy S7 will be Gorilla Glass back-and-front or IP67, or perhaps Samsung will push further and magically come up with an IP67 Gorilla Glass back and front.

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