'Destiny' Gets New Emotes And 'The Carlton', Here's How They Look In Action


Destiny is getting microtransactions later today, and that means new dances and emotes for your Guardian to take for a spin. Of course, these new 18 emotes will come with a price, but you can preview some of them now and see if you think they'll be worth your hard earned money.

According to various YouTubers, Activision/Bungie has been sending out different packs of emotes to the gamers so they can feature the new content on their channels. There are first bumps to polite bows, "come at me" taunts, one were the Hunter falls on his knees in agony and another where the Warlock looks like he is making the most evil of schemes. But those all pale in comparison to the single greatest new form of expression coming to Destiny: the Carlton.

Made famous by Alfonso Ribeiro's character of Carlton Banks on the classic 90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the Carlton dance is is probably the single greatest microtransaction in video game history. You can check it out below, along with various collections of other emotes coming to the game.

You may be fretting knowing that these emotes and dances cost money, but worry not. As a bit of an incentive to check out the new microtransaction vendor, Bungie will be granting each player a small amount of Silver to buy something new. Silver is the game's new in-game currency that can be bought with real-world cash, so after you spend your free gift from Bungie you'll have to fork over a few more bucks if you want additional emotes or dances. Bungie is, however, teasing that more free Silver may find its way into player's pockets.

Bungie looks to be adopting microtranscations in Destiny year two in favor of paid expansions every few months, with the developer saying new (and free!) content will be rolling out over the next year for all players. That's definitely good news, especially considering Bungie promises all of the game's microtransactions will remain completely cosmetic and optional. We don't yet know how much each of these emotes or dances will cost, but Bungie promises more details soon.

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