Driving with a little one in the backseat can pose a problem. How do you make sure you keep your eyes as focused on the road as possible, which is obviously of the utmost importance, while also checking on your child sitting behind you, which is also important? Garmin may have found the answer.

Garmin announced its new babyCam Thursday, what the company says is "the first in-vehicle video monitor that functions wirelessly with a compatible Garmin GPS navigator."

The babyCam attaches to a front or backseat headrest and captures video of your children sitting in the backseat, which it then transmits to the GPS navigator display on the dashboard that you have purchased separately. As you drive, you can switch between the navigation display on your GPS and the footage of the little ones in the backseat manually or through voice commands so that you can more seamlessly keep an eye on the road and on your kids.

The baby monitor also includes built-in night vision so that you can still monitor them when the sun goes down or in low-light conditions without turning the car lights on and possibly disturbing them, because we all know car time can be precious nap time as well. The angle of the babyCam can also be adjusted in case you have more than one child sitting in the backseat. When you arrive at your destination, an alert will pop up on the screen of your GPS to remind you to check for passengers before you leave the car, just in case the ride did happen to lull them to sleep.

The Garmin babyCam will retail for $199.99 and is scheduled to be released in January 2016.

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