Samsung Galaxy Note 5 fans jealous of Apple's Rose Gold and Silver iPhone 6s Plus color options can breathe a sigh of relief. Samsung has just announced a Silver Titanium and Pink Gold Galaxy Note 5.

With Apple achieving record-breaking sales with its just-introduced iPhone 6s smartphone and iPhone 6s Plus phablet, rival handsetmakers are now working overtime to capitalize on features, functions and designs that Apple first introduced.

A recent report claimed that Samsung was planning to offer a new way to interact with its next-generation flagship Galaxy S7. The company is believed to be working on its version of Apple's 3D Touch, which is exclusive to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Now, Samsung has just announced two new smartphones that add more of Apple's iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus inspiration to the mix. Samsung has added two new color options to its flagship Galaxy Note 5 phablet. The colors are Silver Titanium and Pink Gold, which now resemble the Silver and Rose Gold iPhone 6s Plus. The handsets will initially be available only in Samsung's home territory of South Korea but could eventually make their way to other territories, including the U.S.

Likewise, HTC is doing what it can do to steal a portion of the sales pie. The company failed to attract customers to its 2015 flagship HTC One M9, and its CEO, Cher Wang, acknowledged the issue and announced in June that the company would launch a "hero" phone in October. That device was reportedly planned to be the unannounced HTC O2, but that myth has been debunked with all of the recent leaks of the HTC One A9.

Leaked images of the HTC One A9 first appeared in late August, and the handset was shown off next to Apple's iPhone 6. It became apparent that HTC was very inspired by Apple's design, right down to emulating the plastic antenna cutouts on the iPhone 6. HTC is expected to unveil the midrange HTC One A9 at its Oct. 20 press event. Just as Apple introduced a new rose gold iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, HTC will also add the pinkish-golden hue color to the One A9.

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